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10 December 2014 @ 11:49 am
Hello! I just made a community where we can discuss anything about Arashi. Every week, there will be a different topic to be discuss about. Hope it will becomes interesting :D


I got encouragement to create a new discussion community from my latest post in my journal. Seems like people are enjoy a discussion :)
Please visit the community and don't forget to join!

Thank you!
08 December 2014 @ 10:11 pm
Okay, I just saw the FNS performances of Arashi. So the question is, did they sang it live or not?
Sad to say but the "Bittersweet" is obviously lip-synced :(

Yes. Aiba messed up in the very beginning lol..

Although Aiba's sounded live. When he sang "Meguri aetta kisetsu ga hora~" , I know it's live. Hear the "Aetta~"
In mp3, he sang "A-ETTA" but during FNS he sang "AE-TTA"
Can you understand it? That's mean, Aiba sang it LIVE. But others, hate to say but they were all lip-synced. Well, I'm not 100% believe it but I just checked it again and yes, they were lip-synced.

But, the good thing was their "A-RA-SHI" was not lip-synced. It's LIVE thanks to Sho. Or maybe Sho was the only one who sang it LIVE? Well, I don't know lol...

I don't why the possibilities of them lip-syncing during FNS and Kohaku is so much higher than other :(
Maybe something to do with the sound or cables or what.

But then, I belive they're singing live during Music Station and MSSL because we can hear the differences between those performances and the mp3 one clearly.
Trust me, their latest "Zero-G" in M-ste was obviously LIVE thanks to Nino's voice. Also their last MSSL also LIVE. I think their latest performance in Best Artist 2014 also LIVE, right? Well, so far, just the FNS one. Maybe something to do with the technical but we all know, it's entertaintment choises.

What do you guys think? :D
07 November 2014 @ 03:01 pm
Hello.. I know I've shared the video before (last year probably?)
Now I want to share it again for those who haven't see it yet.
It's a piano cover by me. Since this year Arashi is celebrating their 15th year, this songs keep playing in my head. That's why I want to share it again as my gift to their 15th Anniversary.
Wow.. time flies huh? 15 years ago.. I'm still a kid, 7 years old. But then, what happened after that, in these 15 years, many things happened and it just really touching if I'm thinking about who I was before and who I am now. 15 years is not short.
I'm so happy Arashi can make it :')

No wonder Oh-chan was crying so hard everyday during their vacation (and Live, and some works) in Hawaii. I just saw the VSA Hawaii SP and really.. I got my eyes teared xD

Enjoy :')
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04 November 2014 @ 12:21 pm

Arashi band member Sho Sakurai (Honey and Clover's Yuuta, Yatterman's Gan Takada) will star in a live-action television special adaptation of Mitsuru Nishimura and Hiroshi Kawasumi's Taishi Kakka no Ryōrinin (Le Chef Cuisinier de L'Ambassadeur) manga.

Sakurai will star as Kō Ōsawa, a gentle and serious chef whose speciality is French cuisine. Originally, Kou is the top chef at a first-class hotel, but he sees a brochure to become a chef-in-residence, and is resolved to become the chef for the Japanese embassy in Vietnam.

Nishimura and Kawasumi serialized the 25-volume manga in Kodansha's Morning magazine from 1998 to 2006. Nishimura and Kawasumi's original manga dealt with diplomatic issues at the time, and so the live-action adaptation will switch the situation to a more current matter — the export of Japan's famous bullet trains.

Yoshihiro Izumi (Rookies, Gokuaku Ganbo) is writing the special's scripts, and Masataka Takamaru (director, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches) is serving as the producer, and Yūichi Satō (Strawberry Night, Kazoku Game) is directing the special. Filming began on November 1.

The special will air on January 3 on Fuji TV.

Kawasumi also collaborated with Takurō Kajikawa on the Nobunaga no Chef (A Chef of Nobunaga) manga, which has received two live-action television adaptations.

Source: ann

So excited for this! Sho as a chef is so tempting *o*
January 3 on FujiTV will be Arashi's day again as usual xD
21 October 2014 @ 07:02 pm
I got my copy of The Digitalian RE today! OMG so excited!
Can't believe its been 1 year already since their LOVE Album. Time flies, huh? I wonder what I did in this past 1 year? haha.. Anyway, the Album is superb as usual.

Other photos under cutCollapse )

The Album surpried me with many new touches in the songs.
Surprisingly, I love Ohno's solo. It's really difficult especially during the chorus because the pitch he sung from the first 2 phrases and the other 2 phrases had a span of 1 octave. Seems like the dance will be complicated too.
Also, Matsujun's solo really got me! I never really like his solo but this one, I love it especially the chorus <3
Somehow Aiba's solo reminded me with "Everybody Zenshin" hahaha..
Nino's solo is so cheerful. Christmas, right? I don't know but the intro is kinda like a religius song called "It is well with my sou" hahaha.. Hopefully he will perform the song by wearing the santa claus's costume :3
I love Sho's solo too. It's light and feels like I wanna listen to it in a beach. His solo seems like so "summer" for me hahaha...

Then, "One Step" is my most favorite song from the Album aside from their solos. The intro reminded me with "Motto ima yori" and the chorus really heart-warming. I hear the whistling was done by Sho. Will he show it during the live tour later? xD

Anw, for those who got the copy or not yet or have listened to the album, please enjoy the Album :)

16 September 2014 @ 04:17 pm
 Sorry I'm late! I just got my new laptop so there were no photoshop before but now I got it xD

Happy anniversary to the boys!
 photo Arashiwallpaper15_zpsae963f60.jpg

Time really flies, huh?
Really happy with their one-step-ahead in doing a concert outside Japan (although they have done it before in 2006 and 2008) but still, it's one step ahead, right?
Hopefully there will be a world tour *o*

My pray is for them to keep healthy and happy always!
Happy anniversary and I'll be waiting their 20th anniversary later :3
10 July 2014 @ 11:42 am
Can't wait to see the music day this July 12!
Last year was really good, right? Although Ohno at that time look really thin because of 24h drama xD

I heard this year will be having Coldplay to perform *o*
Not a big fan of them but somehow their songs keep playing in my house *well, my brother is a fan of them haha

What excited me more is there will be Johnnys mashed up! Last time they were having a Johnnys medley but this one somehow more interesting hahaha..

 photo image_zpsb4fbd438.jpg

Really.. I can't wait to see those performances xD

Anw, I think LJ these days are quite gloomy.. I found this information from Facebook instead of LJ. What if some people don't have FB? Really.. Its quite hard to find informations about the music day. Its so much easier to get information from facebook and even from instagram. Well, sorry just saying..
10 June 2014 @ 04:56 pm
I just finished watching Amachan for 1 week and it was realllly GOOD and SUPERB!


Since I heard many artists watch Amachan so I think I will give a try. When I look at the synopsis and the casts, I speechless.
Well, first, it's Asadora which means has many episodes. But then I figured out that the duration in each episode is 15 minutes. Then, I tried to watch the 1st week. Later on, I don't know how but I keep watching amachan for this 1 week lol..

REALLY love the story. There are many unexpected things!
I love the chemistry between Aki and Natsu-Bappa. The drama even tears my eyes at the end of the 1st arc.
Aside from that, there also Taneichi-senpai! <3
Too bad his moment with Aki is quite few T^T
But still, they look so cute!

Yui also terrific! I was surprised when know about her age. She's just 17 years old and her acting was really good!

The last 6 episodes was surprising especially during the recital of Suzuka-san. I cried x'D
The last scene of Aki and Yui also undescribable *o*
Somehow in my head the "Shiosai no Memories" always played lol

Really.. 156 episodes flies so fast. I haven't see the Kohaku SP yet but I wondering if there will be a 2nd season of the drama haha..

Anw, this drama is really recommended for all of you. 156 episodes will flies without you even realize it hahaha..
23 May 2014 @ 03:56 pm
Finally my Arafes'13 is HERE!
Can I say more? IT IS HERE! lol... So excited!
Actually it's already in my friend's hand in 20th of May but she can bring it to me later on friday. Well, I shipped the DVD to her house in Singapore because the tax here in my country is not-so-friendly.

Lucky me I got the First-Press LE <3

But somehow, something irritated me. Actually, my friend was bashed Arashi so much that make me want to kick her face but then, she is my brother's fiance... I must well-behaved.
She said that "How could they're famous with that faces? They're not even cool. They are look like a gay" OMG really want to slap her mouth sooo much. But then I took a deep breath and told her that they might be not that cool but their FC's member in Japan are more than 1.5 million.
But still, she can't believe and said that BOYBAND in US and UK are so much better. Again, she even called Arashi a BOYBAND. Well, no wonder.. For people here in my country especially those who are crazy with Korean and other are called any group as BOYBAND.

If only she open her eyes to watch the DVD.. OMG the DVD is sooo flawless. I just have saw the Disk 1 only because last night it's already 2.30am while I must go to work in 8am so I must stop for a while haha..
The Disk 1 is sooo flawless.. literally.. It's beyond my expectation and I really really love it. This time, there are some dancers while the 2012 one there wasn't anyone on the stage aside from Arashi haha.. The DJxMJ alsso amasing!!

The booklet also priceless.. But again, she bashed Arashi while looking at the booklet. And what made me so mad is, HOW COULD SHE WAS THE FIRST ONE THAT LOOK AT THE INSIDE OF THE BOOKLET BEFORE ME?!
While I open the package, she took the booklet immediately and started bashing them immediately in front of me!
So annoying but well, the DVD made me laugh again after that ^_^

Sorry for the ranting anw.. Well, have you got yours? :D

*Thanks to CDJapan I got some points that I could used for other item. Therefore, yes, I have ordered "Dare mo shiranai" with a really cheap price xD
It's me again XD
Just now, I've finished cover-ed this song and it was totally exhausting!
It just around 1mns but the song is really hard to memorize. Yappari, their songs are rich, nee? haha..

Sorry if its too short. It just the verse+chorus only.
The quality of the video also not that good. So sorry. I upload in standard quality and usually its not that bad :(
But thank God the sound is good ^^
*please ignore that I'm in my pyjamas lol..

Please leave a comment!
I haven't watch Shinigami-kun yet so no spoiler xP
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