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28 August 2015 @ 11:10 pm
[MS-Rip] Arashi - Ai wo Sakebe  
Helloo, who loves Arashi's new single?
OMG, so catchy! I missed this kind of music! It's like "Hadashi no mirai" and kind of "Oh Yeah!", "Happiness", well, that kind of music.

Can't wait to see the full PV! I know, some people said the PV is similar with Maroon 5 - Sugar. My brother laughed at me lol..
But, still, they look kakkoi and somehow, Sho is looking cuter! XD

Well, here's the rip. Enjoy!
[MS Rip] Arashi - Ai wo Sakebe.mp3

Source: Ripped from KnH
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